From heritage renovation projects on period properties and churches, to modern extensions and all kinds of commercial builds, our experienced teams can handle it all.

Whether you need traditional sand cast, milled lead and machine cast lead roofing systems – you can depend on our team to provide the right solution to suit your needs, budget and building.

The benefits of lead roofs

Low carbon footprint

Lead is up to 100% recyclable, and has the lowest carbon footprint of any metal roof.

Low maintenance

Lead is flexible – it bends rather than cracks, and has the ability to move with buildings. This ensures that lead roofing maintains its integrity for longer and requires less maintenance.


Durable, flexible and corrosion resistant, a lead roof has a realistic working lifespan of more than 60 years, and can easily last for a century or more.

Lifetime cost

Over an average 65-year period, lead can provide savings of around 50% over man-made roofing systems.