We’re specialist single ply roofing contractors, offering a range of thermoset and thermoplastic polymer membrane systems. Our single ply is designed to provide unrivalled real-world performance, durability and value for money on any project.   

From new builds to refurbishment projects, single ply provides a quick to install, cost-effective option for a wide range of different commercial, industrial and residential builds.

The benefits of single ply roofs

Easy Installation

Single ply systems can be installed quickly and easily on projects of all sizes. They are perfect for time sensitive flat roof builds.

Weight savings

Polymer membranes are very lightweight. This makes them suitable for use on a wide range of structures, and enables cost savings during the building process.


Single ply is significantly cheaper than comparable asphalt flat roofing and multi-layer waterproofing systems.


Available in a range of grades to suit any environment and application, single ply roofing systems offer excellent weather, chemical and corrosive resistance.