We can source all kinds of slate roofing products, including natural roof slates and affordable manufactured slate roofing in a range of colours.

Whether you are looking for locally sourced British slate, premium Welsh slate or cost-effective imported products, we’ll deliver a stunning slate roof to fit your requirements and budget.

The benefits of slate

Heritage appeal

Natural slate has a distinctive character and appeal. For period properties, rural locations and conservation areas, it’s a fantastic choice that will give buildings timeless appeal and sense of place.


Slate is naturally durable, fireproof and weather resistant. When installed correctly and properly maintained slate roofing can outlast the building, with a realistic working lifespan of 150 years.

Environmentally friendly

Manufactured in a sustainable, chemical-free manner from natural stone, slate roofing is more environmentally friendly than man-made tiles. Slate is in high demand, and tiles can be reused and recycled.