Zinc is a fantastic material for roofing. Beautiful, durable and surprisingly cost-effective, it’s ideal for period roof renovations, and really popular for contemporary commercial buildings.

From initial concept to final construction, L.A. Hall offers a complete service – working alongside architects and construction teams to deliver zinc roofing systems to fit any project.

The benefits of zinc roofs


Whether it’s used for accent windows and features alongside other materials, or complete zinc roofs, it can be worked into a full range of shapes to suit any building.


Zinc is weatherproof, resistant to corrosion and made to last. In some cases, zinc roofs can last up to 100 years or more.

Low maintenance

Zinc has self-healing properties – scratches simply fade over time, and the patina on the surface of the zinc protects it from moisture.

Value for money

Metal roofing has a reputation for being expensive, but zinc is cheaper than both copper and lead.  Over the lifetime of the product, it delivers real value for money.